VON HERZEN Biobauern GmbH
Harl 73
8182 Puch / Weiz; AUSTRIA

T: +43 3177 2201 4000
F: +43 316 2311 000 80


VON HERZEN is your farmerís market in the supermarket!

Approximately 100 organic farmers have already joined forces under the VON HERZEN hallmark to collectively market their products. The special feature here is that marketing and sales remain in the hands of the organic farmers, who as members of the organic marketing community are all pro-rata owners of VON HERZEN Biobauern GmbH. This results in better control of the channels of distribution and, best of all, greater value added for the farmers.

The best opportunity to promote the organic trend in Austria!
This is unique, and for Austria it is a great opportunity to safeguard and further develop Austrian agriculture. With every purchase of a VON HERZEN apple, you therefore promote not only organic development in

Austria, but also the positive development of our fruit producers.

VON HERZEN organic apples already on the market!
The VON HERZEN organic apples will be commercially available primarily on the Austrian market.